November 2019 Diversity is generally defined as acknowledging, understanding, accepting and valuing the differences among people regarding age, ethnicity, gender, physical and mental disability, race, sexual orientation, and religious or political beliefs. Regardless, discrimination on any of those grounds would be unlawful under the Human Rights Act 1993. With the world’s increasing globalisation, interaction among… Read More.

November 2019 Many New Zealanders are involved with trusts in some way, whether as trustees or beneficiaries of family trusts or as volunteers with charitable trusts. However, despite the popularity of trusts, the law relating to trusts is often archaic and difficult to follow. Over the past decade, the Law Commission has led a review… Read More.

November 2019 The Farm Debt Mediation Bill (No 2) (‘the Bill’) has been introduced with the intention of establishing an equitable and efficient mediation scheme to resolve farm debt issues between farmers and secured creditors. The Bill would require secured creditors, which includes nonbank creditors, with security interests in farms to engage in a farm… Read More.

September 2019 Rising property prices, larger deposit requirements from lenders and the higher cost of living has resulted in many young adults no longer being able to save a large enough deposit to enable them to purchase a home of their own. These first home buyers are increasingly appealing to the bank of Mum and… Read More.

September 2019 Trespass notices are sometimes used by schools to deal with difficult or disruptive parents or persistent complainants. However, trespass notices against parents should only be used as a last resort when it is really necessary and ordinary warning letters have failed. Although the school has an obligation to ensure the safety and well-being… Read More.

September 2019 Thought that the NZ Super is a given on reaching 65? Well not quite. Many New Zealanders would be surprised to learn that there are other criteria to meet before eligibility can be confirmed. So what are the criteria? To obtain the NZ super you not only must be 65 or older, but… Read More.

September 2019 Owners of animals will be aware that they have the potential to cause significant damage to property including land, crops or other animals. When animals are properly managed, this damage can be controlled. However, when livestock strays onto a neighbour’s land and causes damage, a question arises: who is liable for the damage?… Read More.

September 2019 Many employers require employees to work additional hours without a second thought. If you are an employer and your employees are working overtime, or you are an employee who regularly works overtime, then a recent decision of the Employment Court may have far reaching implications for you. The recent Employment Court decision of… Read More.