March 2020 It can be a difficult situation when an employee is affected by a new illness or injury and this is having an impact on that employee’s ability to be at work or perform their job. There are not only immediate obligations on employers where an employee is affected (such as site safety), but… Read More.

March 2020 In November 2019, the main form that lawyers and real estate agents use for sale and purchase of property changed. The new form incorporates changes in case law, technological changes and better reflects real world practices. The changes we consider most likely to affect clients buying or selling are as follows: Chattels and… Read More.

March 2020 Regulations came into effect on 4 April 2018 which directly affect landlords of commercial premises. This article sets out the background and explains your obligations as a landlord. What is the problem? For many years, asbestos was a well regarded building material. It was strong, durable, fire resistant and water resistant. A few… Read More.

March 2020 What is Social Enterprise? Social enterprise is any business venture primarily used to address a purpose other than profit. The idea is that a business can be profitable enough to be self-sustainable and therefore have greater resources to have a stronger impact than a standard registered charity. The concept challenges a standard view… Read More.

March 2020 Reposing trust and confidence in his integrity, knowledge and ability, Justice Peter Thomas Mahon was nominated, appointed and constituted as a Royal Commission, to inquire into, and report on, the crash of a DC10 aircraft at Mount Erebus, Antarctica. So began the Erebus report, pursuant to Letters Patent of King George V dated… Read More.

March 2020 The Internet is increasingly playing an important role in all aspects of our lives, including the important role of finding work. Likewise, the way we manage our work with the use of online platforms has dramatically grown in the last decade. It is clear that participation in the online economy as a source… Read More.

November 2019 Over recent years I have heard a number of farmers ask: Who is ever going to buy my farm? With the level of farm profitability and debt, how could a family member ever succeed to this farm? There have been several articles in recent times that have recorded and commented on the fact… Read More.

November 2019 In the recent case of Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development v Broadbent [2019] NZCA 201, (2019) 5 NZTR 29-002, the Court of Appeal considered the following question: When making an assessment of whether or not a person should qualify for a Residential Care Subsidy, can the Chief Executive include any income… Read More.