Overcharging at the checkout leads to $78,000 penalty In the lead-up to Christmas and with increased competition for discretionary spend (thanks to COVID-19), retailers must be careful when adopting pricing and promotional campaigns and ensure the point-of-sale pricing is accurate. This recent case highlights the need to quickly respond to customer complaints and correct pricing… Read More.

Are you moving out of town or sending goods anytime soon? If the answer to this question is yes, you may want some insight as to what happens if your goods get damaged during freight and what you can do about it. Are you covered? The Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 governs the various… Read More.

[Spring 2015] You may be aware that consumer law reform has been on Parliament’s agenda for some time now. This year has seen a raft of amendments to existing legislation to strengthen consumer rights. The unfair contract term reforms in the Fair Trading Act 1986 (Act), which came into force in March 2015, are of… Read More.

[Spring 2014] We all know that the Fair Trading Act bans traders from engaging in advertising that is misleading or deceptive. So how come so many advertisers seem to get away with it? The disappointing truth is that wearing a particular brand of deodorant won’t make you irresistible to the opposite sex, that toilet cleaning… Read More.

[Summer 2014] Consumers want to walk away with goods on the promise to pay later. Are you offering your customers that luxury? If so, you may be at risk of non-payment for those goods, in addition to the loss of those goods. For example; in Blenheim, a shipment of wine is sent to a purchaser… Read More.

[Winter 2015] There once lived a Frenchwoman named Jeanne Louise Calment. She was a widow – her husband having died during the war (not in battle, mind you, but after eating some bad cherries). Her daughter died from pneumonia and her only grandson was killed in a motor accident. So in 1965, at the age… Read More.

[Winter 2014] The Consumer Law Reform Bill passed into law on 17 December 2013 bringing about some of the most significant changes to consumer law in decades and more closely aligning our law to Australian consumer law. The changes have been staggered, with most already being in force and one key amendment being effective from… Read More.

[Autumn 2013] Businesses may be asked to sign agreements which purport to ‘opt out’ of the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (‘the CGA’). This article considers the applicability of the CGA to business purchases, the consequences of contracting out, and the effect of planned reforms to consumer legislation. When is a business a… Read More.