When you’re considering entering into a long-term commitment it makes sense to consider at the start how you would like the assets you both bring to the partnership to be distributed should the relationship end. While most people have heard the term pre-nup, often used in stories about celebrities about to marry, it has unfortunately… Read More.

[Spring 2015] Most people would agree that a properly executed contract or agreement should withstand any challenge to its validity and its terms. Given contractual certainty is a cornerstone of legal practice, clients who ask their lawyer to prepare a specific contract or agreement justifiably want some reassurance that it provides for certainty as much… Read More.

[Summer 2014] First home buyers have many difficult issues to consider. With what seems to be a constantly rising housing market, on top of increasing restrictions on the banks’ ability to lend to low equity purchasers, there’s no doubt the New Zealand dream of home ownership is becoming harder to achieve. One issue which may… Read More.

[Winter 2015] There is often a negative connotation surrounding the idea of signing what is commonly known as a ‘pre-nup’. However this need not be the case. Prior to the commencement of a new relationship, parties may have obtained significant assets or monetary funds which they would like to be recognised as their own. This… Read More.

[Spring 2012] In 2011 the English Supreme Court enforced a pre-nup for the first time. Some people thought that this signalled the end of marriage. In New Zealand, in contrast, pre-nups have been enforceable for over 30 years. However, controversy surrounds the enforceability of ‘post-nups’: agreements entered into between partners after the relationship has ended.… Read More.