The search for your first home or investment property is an incredibly exciting but often daunting process. There are a number of factors to consider before finding the property that is right for you, and it pays to be as organised as possible to ensure that you can act quickly when the perfect property presents… Read More.

Townhouse and apartment living has become more prevalent in New Zealand in recent years, particularly in the larger cities of Auckland and Wellington, with multi-unit developments comprising 40 per cent of new builds in 2016. Growth in this area has put the existing legislation, which governs the ownership and management of Unit Titles, to the… Read More.

So your new property is haunted. Who are you going to call? It’s a good rule of thumb that, if an obligation is not actually written into a contract, you may find it hard to persuade the courts to enforce it. It’s also the case that the law generally does not recognise the existence of… Read More.

Recently, we were asked whether a lessee under a farm lease was allowed to grant a licence to a beekeeper for a honey venture. Was the landlord required to consent to this? Was it a breach of the lease if it had already been done? Surprisingly, there is very little case law on this issue.… Read More.

This article looks at what is involved in due diligence for a commercial building and why it’s such a good idea. When buying a commercial property, make the agreement subject to a ‘due diligence’ clause so you don’t have to go ahead if you find a problem. The Big Twelve Check that all uses, current… Read More.

[Spring 2015] Two new pieces of legislation will affect the way landlords and tenants view their responsibilities for strengthening buildings and for ensuring they provide a safe place of work. The Building (Earthquake-Prone Buildings) Amendment Bill (EPB Bill) will establish time frames within which building owners must assess and then either strengthen or demolish buildings… Read More.

[Winter 2014] A 2014 High Court decision has highlighted the benefits of including an equitable mortgage in a supplier’s terms of trade (Adams and Buchanan as Liquidators of Starplus Homes Ltd (In Liquidation) v Sun [2014] NZHC 912). Background The case involved the failed property development company, Starplus Homes Limited (In Liquidation). On liquidation, Starplus… Read More.

[Summer 2014] Amendments to the Local Government Act 2002 in 2014 have addressed the contentious issue of development contributions. The changes, in force from 8 August 2014 through the introduction of the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Act 2014 (the Act), are aimed at making development contributions ‘fairer, better focused, more transparent and more workable’.… Read More.