March 2022 The Employment Relations Authority’s decision ordering Tova O’Brien to comply with her restraint of trade was a high-profile rebuttal of the public perception that a restraint of trade is ‘not worth the paper it’s written on’. Restraints of trade – which are clauses that prevent an employee from working for their former employer’s… Read More.

November 2021 For New Zealand employers, 2021 has been a year like no other. New Zealand enjoyed almost a year of freedom after the March 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, before the emergence of the Delta variant and widespread community transmission which has resulted in some new and significant issues for New Zealand employers and employees to… Read More.

November 2021 How does our society value specific types of work? There is no single answer to that question, but with threats of strike action on the horizon issues such as pay equity are at the forefront of industrial action for a number of sectors of the workforce. The Equal Pay Amendment Act 2020 came… Read More.

September 2021 In the June edition of eConnect, we touched on the number of changes being made to leave entitlements this year. Here, we look further at sick leave. Perhaps the most confusing change for employees and employers to understand are the new sick leave entitlements. That is because the way that entitlements apply may… Read More.

Minimum wage increase in effect from 1 April 2021 June 2021 On 1 April 2021 the Adult Minimum Wage increased to $20.00 per hour, and the Starting Out Minimum Wage and Training Minimum Wage increased to $16.00 per hour (being 80% of adult rate). It is recommended that employers regularly review their payroll systems and… Read More.

March 2021 The days of smoking inside a crowded bar, in airplanes or in the work lunchroom are long gone. While smokers were pushed outside in the 1990s for the safety of others, New Zealand has been undecided until recently on how to treat people who vape. Employers are obliged to take all reasonably practicable… Read More.

March 2021 2020 was a challenging year for employers with the COVID-19 alert level restrictions, concerns about workplace safety and continued confusion about the application of the Holidays Act 2003. In this article we will address some trends we have seen in recent Employment Law cases and take a look at what issues we are… Read More.

March 2021 There can be no doubt that all employers have a duty to provide conditions of employment that allow people to be, and stay, healthy. However, there is no cut and dried demarcation when it comes to the question of whether an employer can make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for its employees. This is… Read More.