[Winter 2013] We wrote an article on the Copyright Act 1994 on illegal downloading in 2011 – known as the Three Strikes Law. At the request of RIANZ (Recording Industry Association), several thousand infringement notices have been sent out but only a few have made it before the Copyright Tribunal. Those cases now give an indication… Read More.

[Winter 2013] Those intending to buy or sell unit title property may be aware that transactions involving these unique titles were previously governed by the Unit Titles Act 1972 (‘old Act’). The old Act has now been repealed by the Unit Titles Act 2010 (‘new Act’) and the Unit Titles Regulations 2011 (‘Regulations’) and this… Read More.

[Winter 2013] In 2012 a woman sued her boyfriend’s flatmate for hiding a video camera in the bathroom the two men shared, recording images of her while she showered. The couple became suspicious when they borrowed the flatmate’s laptop to watch a movie and found a file labeled with her name. They snuck into his… Read More.

[Winter 2013] As family trusts have grown in popularity over recent years, increasing numbers of people have been asked by friends and family members to take on trustee roles. The offer is often seen as something of a compliment; a sign of respect for the skills and wisdom of the trustee. However, potential trustees can… Read More.

[Winter 2013] By now you have probably seen the adverts with the talking letter boxes warning us about the changes sweeping the insurance industry in New Zealand. The aim of the campaign is to help inform and educate home owners about the move from unspecified open ended replacement insurance, based on size (sqm), to maximum… Read More.