[Winter 2010] Have you ever been in a situation where, out of the goodness of your heart, you have offered advice or a service to a friend or family member? Have you ever considered that under the law of agency you could be legally liable for any shortcomings in what you provide? Well neither did… Read More.

[Winter 2010] There are some occupations where a perk of the job is cheap or ‘free’ accommodation provided by the employer. This type of arrangement is common for farm workers and for employees who work in hard-to-staff areas. Service tenancies Where an employer provides an employee with accommodation during their employment the arrangement is referred… Read More.

[Winter 2010] It is an all too familiar scenario – you are a supplier; you have been supplying equipment, goods or materials to a customer on your usual credit terms for quite some time; in the past it has been a good relationship but recently they have become tardy with payments; you have had to… Read More.