[Summer 2013] There has been much talk lately of adult children turning to the "bank of mum and dad" to help bolster their house deposit savings and enable them to finance their first home. On 1 October 2013, the Reserve Bank regulated high loan-to-value ratio (LVR) lending by requiring home buyers to come up with… Read More.

[Summer 2013] This is a question which is being asked by our clients more and more frequently and it’s not difficult to see why. You might have established your trust for one, or a combination of the following reasons: to provide ongoing financial support for a disabled or disadvantaged family member; to minimise your personal… Read More.

[Summer 2013] Ensure legal and financial issues are in order Just like selling your house – it’s important that you present your business to buyers in the best possible light. Buyers will go over your business records in detail, especially your financial records. So, prior to a buyer doing this, it makes sense to do… Read More.

[Summer 2013] Gypsy Day 2011 in Southland saw the beginning of local government prosecutions dealing in ‘effluent’ or ‘animal waste’. Gypsy Day is an extremely busy time of year for farmers and solicitors with a rural practice, with large numbers of stock being moved between farms at this time. These prosecutions were the first nationally… Read More.

[Summer 2013] The law requires that every employer provide their employees (whose work is not covered by a collective agreement) with an Individual Employment Agreement (‘IEA’). The IEA must be in writing, and must contain a number of minimum terms, along with any other terms and conditions as the parties see fit. Any employer who… Read More.

[Summer 2013] A right of renewal is the tenant’s option to enter into a new lease with the landlord. It is not (under the latest version of the standard ADLS lease) an extension of the existing term of the lease. A landlord does not have a choice whether or not to renew the lease. As… Read More.