[Spring 2015] Most people would agree that a properly executed contract or agreement should withstand any challenge to its validity and its terms. Given contractual certainty is a cornerstone of legal practice, clients who ask their lawyer to prepare a specific contract or agreement justifiably want some reassurance that it provides for certainty as much… Read More.

[Spring 2015] A bankrupt’s KiwiSaver funds are off-limits to creditors, according to a recent decision of the Court of Appeal ([2015] NZCA 118). The circumstances under which your KiwiSaver funds can be accessed are: for the purchase of your first home; when you are over 65 (that is, for retirement); or earlier if you become seriosuly… Read More.

[Spring 2015] There are two issues which have been given particular prominence in the media of late relating to employment practices. They are zero hour contracts and the reporting back on the Health & Safety Reform Bill from the Select Committee. This article looks at the implications of both Bills which are at different stages… Read More.

[Spring 2015] You may be aware that consumer law reform has been on Parliament’s agenda for some time now. This year has seen a raft of amendments to existing legislation to strengthen consumer rights. The unfair contract term reforms in the Fair Trading Act 1986 (Act), which came into force in March 2015, are of… Read More.

[Spring 2015] Two new pieces of legislation will affect the way landlords and tenants view their responsibilities for strengthening buildings and for ensuring they provide a safe place of work. The Building (Earthquake-Prone Buildings) Amendment Bill (EPB Bill) will establish time frames within which building owners must assess and then either strengthen or demolish buildings… Read More.