[Spring 2014] Someone said a while ago that if an asteroid were on its way to Earth, the Daily Telegraph would write it up as another attack on the middle class. When asteroid Rena landed on Otaiti Reef three years ago, a crusty old cynic might have regarded it as only a matter of time… Read More.

[Spring 2014] The sentencing in 2014 of Gloria Davis-Karetai who owned and operated the Easy Rider fishing vessel with her husband has provided a warning to all husband and wife business owners that safety must be paramount when running a business. The Easy Rider prosecution has been well documented in the media. The vessel was heading out… Read More.

[Spring 2014] We all know that the Fair Trading Act bans traders from engaging in advertising that is misleading or deceptive. So how come so many advertisers seem to get away with it? The disappointing truth is that wearing a particular brand of deodorant won’t make you irresistible to the opposite sex, that toilet cleaning… Read More.

[Spring 2014] Trustee obligations If you have agreed to act as a trustee, there are some very strict obligations that you have to comply with. You must: be familiar with the terms of the trust strictly comply with the terms of the trust be impartial and fair to all the beneficiaries invest trust money only… Read More.

[Spring 2014] A enforcement order by the Environment Court should be a timely warning for dairy farmers to ensure their effluent management systems meet required standards and are capable of coping with expansion on-farm. In April 2014 the Environment Court issued an enforcement order against a Marlborough dairy farm owner prohibiting him from re-stocking for… Read More.

[Spring 2014] For those whose work is reliant on water, particularly those in the rural environment, the changes to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (NPS) mean another round of significant changes to regional plans is on the horizon following the initial round to give effect to the 2011 version. The NPS, which came… Read More.

[Spring 2014] The Criminal Procedure Act 2011 (CPA) unequivocally represents the most comprehensive change to criminal law processes in over 50 years (A Practical Guide to Criminal Procedure in New Zealand, Ian Murray, 2013). The Act fully came into force on 1 July 2013, and the magnitude of the changes were urged upon us by… Read More.