[Spring 2013] Credit Reports form a record of your credit history and are used by Credit Providers (such as banks) in assessing whether or not to provide you with credit. Credit Reports help Credit Providers confirm your identity, verify your current and historical credit history and are used to calculate the likelihood of you being… Read More.

[Spring 2013] The subject of discipline in sport is never far from the headlines. Professional sporting bodies are well equipped to deal with breaches of a sporting code’s rules, however amateur sports clubs (clubs) are often unprepared to deal with events which require the club, or a player affiliated to the club, to be a… Read More.

[Spring 2013] Although commonly inserted into sale and purchase agreements by real estate agents and solicitors alike, third party approval and due diligence clauses are not always properly understood, and, unless correctly drafted, are seldom the ‘get out of jail free cards’ that many people think. The 2013 Court of Appeal decision in Arcadia Homes… Read More.

[Spring 2013] So you’re contemplating getting into business and wondering whether to go for a franchise. This article discusses the basic terminology and features of a franchise. ‘Franchisor’ Owner of a unique business system. ‘Franchisee’ Person who is licensed to use the franchisor's system and name in their own separate business for a specified term.… Read More.

[Spring 2013] Would you rather invest your time and money in your business, or in costly legal disputes? It’s a no brainer, right? We help our clients to put in place agreements that avoid costly legal disputes and also ultimately increase the value of their business. Here are some of the more common agreements that… Read More.

[Spring 2013] A recent eConnect article focused on the cases of Selkirk v McIntyre and Church Property Trustees v Attorney-General and The Great Christchurch Buildings Trust. We will not traverse those cases again suffice to say that, in each of those cases, the independent trustee was exposed to significant personal liability. In the Selkirk case,… Read More.

[Spring 2013] Most people know the difference between an estimate and a quote. Quotes are certain and enforceable. But the laws relating to estimates are a little more complex. In some circumstances it is reasonable to treat an estimate as a vague ‘ballpark’ figure (a true estimate), while in other cases it is reasonable to… Read More.