[Spring 2011] If you are considering dismissing an employee for any reason, that employee is entitled to access information that is relevant to your decision. This right is contained in section 4(1A)(c) of the Employment Relations Act 2000. The Employment Court recently decided that this means access to all relevant information. That case was the… Read More.

[Spring 2011] Immigrants to New Zealand, with valid temporary visas, regularly decide to extend their stay. To do this they lodge another application with the Department of Labour, while in the country. A system has been in place, since 2010, to assist immigrants to maintain their lawful entitlement to stay in New Zealand whilst between… Read More.

[Spring 2011] New¬† Zealand's 125-year-old gift duty rules are now no longer. The Taxation (Tax Administration and Remedial Matters) Act 2011 came into effect on 1 October 2011. It is now possible to simply transfer and give assets to a trust and, in the case of an existing gifting programme, to 'gift-off' the balance of… Read More.

[Spring 2011] Steigrad v BFSL 2007 Ltd Most Directors and Officers (D&O) liability insurance policies cover liability to pay compensation and damages and also defence costs. Surprisingly, the High Court has held that such policies may not, in fact, cover defence costs where a statutory charge for more than the sum insured is asserted under… Read More.

[Spring 2011] Often we meet people who've taken the leap and are operating their businesses through a company; but who (apart from listening to the initial advice on why a company structure was best) have little understanding about ongoing governance. What is 'governance'? I hear you ask. Simply, it's how you operate and manage your… Read More.

[Spring 2011] Every second person seems to have been victim to, or knows someone who has been the victim of, a scam. Given how prevalent and tricky some scams are, we should all be wary. Anyone can be targeted, and don't assume that you will not be sucked in. Lately Facebook has become a new… Read More.