[Autumn 2015] Will new reforms speed up resource consent applications? To honour the Government’s pledge to speed up council decisions, reforms to the Resource Management Amendment Act 2013 came into effect on 3 March 2015. The reforms clarify the requirements for resource consent applications and now stipulate a maximum time for the decision-making process of six months.… Read More.

[Autumn 2015] In late January 2015, Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith outlined the Government’s plans to overhaul the Resource Management Act 1991 through ten key areas of change. Will the changes meet the Government’s goal of becoming more pro-development? Or will they weaken the established environmental protections already in place? To date, there is little… Read More.

[Autumn 2015] When the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2014 (Amendment Act) comes into force in March 2015 there will be a number of modifications to the Employment Relations Act 2000. This article summarises the key changes. Rest and meal breaks One of the most publicised changes relates to employee meal and rest breaks. The Amendment… Read More.

[Autumn 2015] It is not uncommon for employment agreements and collective employment agreements to contain an express indemnity by an employer in favour of their employee for liabilities incurred by the employee in the course of their employment. The extent of the employer’s liability to indemnify the employee will then be governed by the express… Read More.