[Autumn 2013] We published an article on the Copyright Act 1994 Three Strikes Law on illegal downloading in 2011. It is interesting to see what has happened since. Over 2,700 infringement notices have been sent out at the request of RIANZ (Recording Industry Association). However, surprisingly only eleven people who have received final ‘three strike’… Read More.

[Autumn 2013] Businesses may be asked to sign agreements which purport to ‘opt out’ of the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (‘the CGA’). This article considers the applicability of the CGA to business purchases, the consequences of contracting out, and the effect of planned reforms to consumer legislation. When is a business a… Read More.

[Autumn 2013] Let’s say you are negotiating the resolution of a legal dispute. Often you will start the process by simply explaining your position. ‘This is what I want, and this is why it’s a brilliant idea.’ Sometimes, even despite the most elegantly crafted explanation, it’s not enough. So you might decide to give the… Read More.

[Autumn 2013] Independent directors bring discipline, objectivity, new perspectives and fresh thinking to the board of a family-owned company. This can help preserve family relationships and sustain and grow the business. Separation of family and business The distinction between family matters and business matters is often unclear in family owned companies. This confusion is detrimental… Read More.

[Autumn 2013] On 10 December 2012, new regulations came into force giving effect to the Madrid Protocol in New Zealand. This means it is now easier for New Zealand trade mark owners to apply for protection of their trade marks in multiple countries and overseas trade mark owners to apply for protection of their trade… Read More.

[Autumn 2013] The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism regulatory regime (‘AML/CFT’) will fully come into effect on 30 June 2013. The regime sets out new procedures and standards for detecting and preventing the flow of ‘dirty money’ through legitimate channels. This will not be news for larger financial institutions such as banks, which… Read More.

[Autumn 2013] Introduction If you sell or transfer your business, you need to consider the employment consequences of selling the business or transferring the business to another entity. Many employers do not think about this. However, when you do sell your business to a third party, or even transfer it to an associated entity, you… Read More.